Google Reader Shared Items: Questions

What’s the scene here? Why the seeming discrepancy between these two screenshots, captured at the same time?

google reader shared items screenshot

Above, Hal Espen’s page of shared items: Espen seems to have shared the Network(ed)News post called “What Is Networked News?”

google reader shared items screenshot

Above, my page of shared items: Aside from my own share, only Mario seems to have shared the Network(ed)News post called “What Is Networked News?” Wait, where’s Espen?

What happens when someone shares an item already shared? Is shared ‘original’ item x the same thing as shared ‘shared’ item x?

Consider the following case: I post to Network(ed)News and someone like Mario gets my feed and shares it such that his facebook application registers that act of sharing and tells me as much, as it does above. Did Espen maybe see my post because he subscribes to Mario’s shared feed and then share the post himself? It doesn’t look like it, since the “via:” attribute says “Network(ed)News,” not something like “mario’s shared items in Google Reader.” It looks like Espen just subscribes to my feed, so why no aggregation? The post is relatively new, so I don’t think the issue is one of time—in which, for instance, Mario shared the item fewer than twenty-four hours ago and Espen more. But who knows really.

Haha. I need all the aggregating help I can get.

1 Response to “Google Reader Shared Items: Questions”

  1. 1 mario romero 2007 July 25 at 9:33 pm

    Josh: if you hadn’t cut it out of that screenshot there is a clear message that indicates that Hal isn’t sharing those items you are seeing are my shared items, because he hasnt configured a google reader account, they are only counted as one vote, mine, so it would seem that nobody on the system besides me and you shared that particular item.

    BTW if you share an item you read trough my shared items feed it does count as a vote for the original item, want identifies it is the url of the original item.

    btw I assure you that you will be seeing some bugs, even if this isn’t one of them, in the interest of helping build a better system for us all it would be cool if you just drop me a mail/msg or post it on the bugs message board, at least first.

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