Streamy, Let’s See What You Got

One of the Streamy boys extended me an intitation to their beta version. I poked around for a few minutes, but subprime mortgages are taking up my time. So I can’t wait to get to it, and will soon, but for the moment, it remains a happy presence on the horizon.

Meantime, I think I like this switch to an rss-centric logic, in both a technical way and user-centered way. The content gets around inside the guts of the web application by rss, and users are said to experience the content much the way they do inside an rss reader like Google Reader. Only better, though. Or that’s the hope.

I wonder whether this rss-centric view of the growing field is helpful, because it gives us a usefil lens through which to understand what might otherwise be a new and confusing technology, or hurtful, because it inhibits us from thinking bigger about consuming content on the web. In other words, I’m not sure an rss reader, even a super-powered one, can fully achieve all three components of networked news.

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