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Music Lessons for the News

Seth Godin wrote a roundly acclaimed set of rules for the music business. They adapt effortlessly, seamlessly to the news business. I was going to rewrite them or tweak them, switch the metaphors or swap the buzz words. But they just don’t need it. Leaving them as is, and stating that they’re not merely “music lessons” but something far more general and important, conveys the point better.

And, after all, that’s ultimately why we find ourselves calling it “content.” All our articles, posts, books, songs, videos, interviews, podcasts, charts, and graphs—our many, many thoughts offered to the world—are coming to be regulated by the same lessons, the same laws, the same economics. It’s a digital world.

And so, fine, as Seth writes, “the new thing is never as good as the old thing, at least right now.” That’s called disruptive innovation.

PS. This appears to be the Wired piece that inspired Seth’s post.

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